Help Wheelchair & Adaptive Athletes Achieve Their Dreams!

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Turning Disabilities into POSSibilities!

Getting involved as a volunteer offers a wide range of opportunities to contribute your time and skills.

  • Fundraising Initiatives
  • Donor Cultivation
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising Events
  • Event Support
  • And More!

Here are simple descriptions for each volunteering opportunity focused on helping wheelchair and adaptive athletes:

  1. Open to Everything: Willingness to participate in various volunteering activities as needed to support wheelchair and adaptive athletes.
  2. Adopt an Athlete: Provide support and guidance to a specific wheelchair or adaptive athlete, offering mentorship, motivation, and assistance in their fitness journey.
  3. Volunteer Time: Dedicate your time to assist wheelchair and adaptive athletes during training sessions, competitions, or other events, providing encouragement and practical help.
  4. Help with Fundraising: Assist in organizing and implementing fundraising initiatives to secure financial resources that directly benefit wheelchair and adaptive athletes.
  5. Sponsorship Coordinator: Take on the responsibility of seeking and managing sponsorships for wheelchair and adaptive athletes, ensuring they receive the necessary support.
  6. Fundraising Events: Help plan and execute fundraising events specifically aimed at raising funds for wheelchair and adaptive athletes’ needs and opportunities.
  7. Fundraising Coordinator: Oversee fundraising campaigns and activities, coordinating efforts to generate financial support for wheelchair and adaptive athletes.
  8. Community Outreach: Engage with the community to promote awareness, inclusivity, and support for wheelchair and adaptive athletes through various outreach activities.
  9. Event Support: Provide assistance and support during wheelchair and adaptive sporting events, ensuring smooth operations and a positive experience for athletes.
  10. Event Planning: Contribute to the planning and organization of wheelchair and adaptive sporting events, handling logistics, scheduling, and coordinating necessary resources.
  11. Grant Writing: Utilize your writing skills to prepare grant proposals and applications to secure funding for wheelchair and adaptive athletes’ programs and initiatives.
  12. Grant Researcher: Conduct research to identify suitable grant opportunities for wheelchair and adaptive athletes, compiling relevant information to support funding applications.
  13. Research and Development: Contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in wheelchair and adaptive sports by participating in research and development projects.
  14. Marketing and Public Relations: Assist in promoting wheelchair and adaptive sports through marketing strategies, public relations efforts, and media outreach.
  15. Social Media Ambassador: Actively engage in social media platforms to raise awareness, share inspiring stories, and promote the achievements of wheelchair and adaptive athletes.
  16. Equipment Donations: Contribute by donating or helping acquire specialized equipment needed by wheelchair and adaptive athletes to support their training and performance.
  17. Advocacy and Awareness: Advocate for inclusivity and raise awareness about the challenges, achievements, and needs of wheelchair and adaptive athletes in various settings.
  18. Be a Training Buddy: Offer support and companionship to wheelchair and adaptive athletes during training sessions, providing motivation, assistance, and camaraderie.
  19. Coaching and Training: Utilize your expertise in fitness or sports coaching to provide guidance and training assistance specifically tailored to wheelchair and adaptive athletes.
  20. Nutrition Support: Offer guidance and advice on proper nutrition and meal planning to help wheelchair and adaptive athletes optimize their diets for enhanced performance and well-being.
  21. Mentorship Program: Serve as a mentor to wheelchair and adaptive athletes, offering guidance, motivation, and personal support in their athletic and personal development.
  22. Photographer: Capture meaningful moments and inspiring images of wheelchair and adaptive athletes during training sessions, competitions, and other events.
  23. Videographer: Record videos of wheelchair and adaptive athletes’ performances, training sessions, and events to document their progress and inspire others.
  24. Video Editing: Utilize your video editing skills to create compelling videos highlighting the achievements and stories of wheelchair and adaptive athletes.
  25. Graphic Design: Create visually appealing designs for promotional materials, posters, and social media graphics to support wheelchair and adaptive athletes’ initiatives.
  26. Clothing and Merchandise Design: Design unique and inclusive clothing and merchandise items specifically catering to the wheelchair and adaptive athlete community.
  27. Website Development: Utilize your skills in website development to create or enhance online platforms that showcase wheelchair and adaptive athletes and their achievements.
  28. Medical Support: Provide medical assistance and support to wheelchair and adaptive athletes during training sessions and events, ensuring their well-being and safety.
  29. Language Translation: Offer your language skills to translate materials and resources related to wheelchair and adaptive athletes into different languages for wider accessibility.
  30. Physical Therapy Support: Utilize your expertise in physical therapy to provide specialized support and guidance to wheelchair and adaptive athletes, aiding in their performance and recovery.
  31. Event Emcee or Announcer: Serve as an emcee or announcer during wheelchair and adaptive sports events, creating an engaging and supportive atmosphere for athletes and spectators alike.

Please let us know which volunteering opportunity you are interested in, and we will provide further information on how to get involved.