questionWhat is Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.?

Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to expand and improve opportunities for wheelchair athletes in all sports. The WCBB is a national organization that was founded on December 23, 2008 by Nick Scott and approved as a 501(c)(3) organization on February 11, 2010 under the legal name of Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.

questionWhat is the Focus of the WCBB?

WCBB focuses on promoting, growing, and expanding the sport of wheelchair bodybuilding and adaptive bodybuilding through its association with the NPC (National Physique Committee) and IFBB Professional League (International Federation of Body Builders).

question Who can Join The WCBB?

Anybody with some sort of physical disability can Join The WCBB. After seeing what changes wheelchair bodybuilding had brought about in Nick’s life, Nick dedicated himself to helping others in similar situations to awaken the fire within to achieve their own life goals.

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question Is There a Membership Fee?

No, there is no membership fee to Join The WCBB. It is 100% Free.

questionHow can I get my biography added to the website?

To have your biography added to the website, you just need to Join The WCBB and compete in one competition. Once you fill out the information, additional information will be emailed to you so the world can know more about you and your story. If you do not know if you will compete, go ahead and Join The WCBB anyway so we have you on file.

questionHow do I go about Competing?

Read over these pages, they will guide you step by step what you need to do:

questionHow is the Sport of Wheelchair Bodybuilding different from other Wheelchair/Disabled Sports?

There are many disable sports and some do have professional athletes, but only in the sport of Wheelchair Bodybuilding athlete’s have to earn their IFBB Pro Status.

Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. wants to help give athletes the tools they need to enhance their lives and use this sport as a platform to greater opportunities.

questionWhere Can I find Upcoming Contest?

You can find a list of all Upcoming Contest Here:

questionI need help training?

If you need help with your training, diet, cardio and more. You can read and get detailed help here:

questionHow can I get my IFBB Professional League Card (IFBB Pro Card)?

United States (USA) Athletes:
You must win the Overall Title at the NPC Wheelchair Nationals or NPC USA Wheelchair Championship.

International Athletes:
We are working on an International Competition in 2019 where the athlete must win the Overall Title to earn their IFBB Pro Card. In the past, Nick Scott helped each athlete to be approved for their Professional Status working directly with Jim Manion who is the President of the IFBB Professional League.

Adaptive Athletes:
in 2019 we will be adding the Adaptive Division, but it will begin at the Amateur Level. Once there are enough athletes there will be IFBB Professional League Contest at which you can compete in specifically for this Division.