Despite experiencing a life-altering automobile accident that left someone paralyzed as a teenager or born with a disability at birth. Wheelchair athletes went on to become a professional wheelchair bodybuilder, champion wheelchair ballroom dancer, professional speaker, author and certified fitness trainer. Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. is bringing the internal motivational secrets and the bodybuilding exercises that helped athletes achieve success. Have the heart to believe in yourself and step out courageously.

You have it within yourself to improve your mind, body and spirit: You can achieve great things.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is the mindset. Negative thoughts breed negative results and lateral movement. Positive thoughts lead to positive results and forward movement.

Instead of focusing on what you cannot do; focus on what you can do.

Prepare For Your Journey

Although there are NO EXCUSES for not striving to become the best you can be, participants in any fitness program should always keep in mind that success is not an overnight journey. It is a long-term process where you will build habits and attitudes that will not only help you achieve your fitness goals but your life goals as well.

A Word of Advise

There is no one nutrition or exercise regimen that is exactly right for everyone. We all start with different abilities, limitations and capabilities. Part of the secret of my success is the ability to adapt certain exercises to meet my unique situation. It is not necessary to complete everything exactly as outlined to achieve success.

For example, if certain exercises hurt your body, simply replace them with other exercises that focus on the specific body part you are trying to improve.

Through personal experience and interactions with professional bodybuilders from around the world, Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. wants to help you achieve your goals.


“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack”

A Few Tips

Many fitness programs recommend eating a certain amount of steak as part of their dietary guidelines. For those exercise enthusiasts who find the cost of steak too high for their household budget, replace steak with chicken without sacrificing any nutritional benefits. Other tips that will help you achieve success in your training program:

  • Stretching: Before starting any workout program make sure you stretch for five to ten minutes first to warm up your muscles and avoid cramps.
  • Warm-up: Whatever your first exercise is, first complete two warm-up sets using only half of the weight you will use during the rest of the exercise. This is beneficial because a warm muscle contracts harder than a cold muscle.
  • Push Yourself: You are using too light a weight if completing the reps is easy. You are using too heavy a weight if you are struggling to complete the reps. The idea is to focus your lift in the muscle and feel each rep. Adjust the weight until the reps are not easy but not so hard you cannot complete them. This will take time, but focusing on the muscle will make the adjusting faster.
  • Rest: Your goal when working out is targeting the muscles, not get a cardio workout. Rest the muscles for 60 to 90 seconds between each set. Let the diet and cardio program get you ripped, and let the weight training build a better physique.
  • Resistance: There are three ways to make your workout more intense – add more weight, push the weight quicker and reduce the rest time between sets.
  • Music: Listen to music that has a faster beat. It will put you in a different mood and you will work harder.
  • Food: Make sure you weigh your food – DO NOT GUESS at amounts.
  • Day 7: REST – Do not workout. Let your body heal so you can train hard the next day.

The key is to stick with it and push yourself to the extent of your abilities. Do not cheat on your meals or skip meals. Working out can tear down your body, but it is the diet and rest that help you recover and prepare for the next level.


Set an ultimate goal, the reason “WHY” you work out every day. This is your long-term goal, now you need to set short-term goals. Short-term goals keep you going on days you do not feel like working out. When they are not enough, examine your mindset and re-examine your goals. If your goals have not changed, look inside and wake the Beast inside you. Because tomorrow is too late to do today’s work. Do you remember the photo-shoot that is coming up? You will not be at your best if you skip workouts.

For Wheelchair Users

If you are in a wheelchair and cannot perform a certain exercise, replace it with another exercise using the same muscle group. If you can perform certain leg exercises, do what you can; if you cannot do any leg exercises, simply focus on the other muscle group for that day.

For Cardio

The Speed Bag by The Burn Machine is highly recommended. This handheld machine helps improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance with a complete conditioning and strengthening workout.

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