Too many people overlook the importance of nutrition when they begin a workout regimen. They wonder why their body does not look the way they want it too and eventually give up because of the lack of results.

It took longer than one day for you to look the way you do, it will just take some time to adjust so you make it a lifestyle instead of overnight results. Training is a process that takes time. The journey to achievement makes that achievement even more satisfying.

How Fat Takes Over

People believe the reason you add excess body fat is that you eat fat. This is a myth that keeps the real perpetrator busy building stores of fat in your body. While eating foods high in fat do affect your health and add weight, it is not the only fat causing food. The foods that add excess body fat are those containing high amounts of carbohydrates.

The common opinion is that carbohydrates provide pure energy, which in part is true. The whole truth is much more complicated. The Food Pyramid that all children learn in grade school starts the myth.

The Food Pyramid stands as the nutritional standard for good health. Why? People follow it without even wondering why. Do you really believe a 250 lb. male needs the same amount food and calories as a 100 lb. female? The fact that no two people are the same makes the Pyramid a child’s guide for good nutrition but not adults and certainly not an adult bodybuilder or athlete.

Each person is different and expecting everyone to enjoy the same health by eating the same amount is an outdated practice. As you will learn, each person needs a personalized nutrition plan to reach his or her goals and maintain good health.

Learning the actual values of the numbers on food labels will start you on your way to your ultimate goal.

The Breakdown

All the food and drink labels base their serving sizes on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet (You find this guideline on the nutrition label of almost every food sold). The food pyramid recommends that 60-percent of your daily 2,000 calories come from carbohydrates.

Looking at how the body breaks down carbohydrates you will see the importance of cutting down on them as much as possible.

60-percent of Carbohydrates (0.6) X 2,000 Calories = 1,200 Carbohydrate Calories (because the calories are coming from carbohydrates).

Scientific Content

  • 20 carbohydrate calories = 5 grams of carbohydrates
  • 5 grams of carbohydrates = 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • If the food pyramid recommends consuming 1,200 carbohydrate calories daily, how many teaspoons of sugars is that?
  • 1,200 carbohydrate calories / 20 = 60 teaspoons of sugar a day

Where does the Sugar Go?

The human body absorbs only 1-teaspoon of sugar a day. What happens to the other 59-teaspoons of sugar? The body has to do something with them or the liver becomes overwhelmed with distribution orders.

When we eat carbohydrates, they break down into sugars (simple or complex, it does not matter). Carbohydrate is a fancy word for sugar.

Now think of a conveyor belt going from your stomach to your liver and 59 teaspoons of sugar fill the belt. That sugar is then trying to pass through the liver into the bloodstream, but the liver will not allow this to happen. The liver then stimulates the pancreas. (A cry for HELP!) The pancreas releases insulin (the fat storage hormone) and takes all the excess sugar on the conveyor belt and stores it as body fat.

Our body will not let all the sugars pass through the system because if it did, you would die. That is why Type 2 diabetics take insulin shots (did you ever wonder why they took them?). So simply put, the more excess body fat a person has, the more times the body has saved your life.

Find the Regimen Best for You

There is a lot of information out there, but if you follow our guidelines, you will build muscle, cut fat, and get ripped quicker than you ever thought possible.

Everybody is different, and honestly, you have to find what works best for you. It is a lifestyle change that takes years of practice to realize. Results are up to you, and your willpower.

How bad do you really want it? That is the question. If you want it, you will make time for yourself. It is about just doing it and sticking with it. That is the key.

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