Next Step

After the show ends, do not be discouraged if you did not place where you thought you would. Ask the judges why you were scored the way you were. Find out why they placed you, how they place you and ask them to review you. Ask the judges what you need to do to score better at your next show. Understanding that it takes years to build the necessary muscle and posing skills will make each show a learning experience and take you one step closer to a championship.

You can do anything you put your mind to as long as you are determined, dedicated, knowledgeable and driven.

Benefits to Athletes

No other wheelchair or adaptive sport offers the opportunity to earn professional status. Wheelchair bodybuilding is the only competition in which wheelchair athletes are able to earn the same professional status and card as Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are shows all over the world in which IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilders can compete and win cash prizes. Soon Adaptive Athletes as well.

Make an Impression

Even greater than the cash prizes, at the NPC Wheelchair Nationals, NPC USA Wheelchair Championship, IFBB Pro Shows and other events you can be filmed in HD by a professional videographer. You can also get high-resolution pictures taken to add to your portfolio, which will also be added in your profile. You will need the HD video and high-resolution pictures for your professional media kit when you interview on television, newspapers and online. The more stacked your media kit is, the more opportunities you have to be featured in a news story or something even bigger.

Sponsor Tip

In order to solicit sponsors, you need as many media stories and championships as possible. Put them all together in a comprehensive portfolio so you can email or mail them to potential sponsors once your career begins.

Build a Large Fan Base

Keep your social media pages up-to-date with pictures, awards, championships and videos. Build a large fan base on your social sites in order to impress potential sponsors. They take your social site popularity very seriously.

You can start a following on these social websites:

Get your friends to Like you and Tweet about you as often as possible. Put scenes from your biography on Youtube and start your own channel. The possibilities for promotion are endless on the internet.

How To Get Signed As An Athlete

Companies are always looking for someone to bring on their team as a valuable asset, to represent that Company’s Brand. Read more information on the Get Signed page to understand what it will take.

Follow Your Dreams

All the hard work you put into your body will pay-off when you begin competing in bodybuilding events. Your inner Beast will take the stage and blow the judges away after you have built your self-confident stage persona.

Never give up on the dream because you inspire other wheelchair athletes and others to follow their dreams as well. Each dream that comes to fruition makes Wheelchair Bodybuilding community a stronger organization that fights for a place in professional athletics.