Guidelines for WCBB Representatives


Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. (WCBB) is committed to promoting and expanding the participation of wheelchair and adaptive athletes in the sport of bodybuilding. As a WCBB representative, your role is vital in achieving this goal. To help you succeed in your mission, we have outlined guidelines that will assist you in encouraging athletes to join WCBB and become a part of the global WCBB community.

  1. Promote
    • Emphasize the importance of athletes visiting or finding the “Join The WCBB” link at the top of
    • Highlight that joining through these platforms will facilitate the process of adding athletes to the WCBB Google Map, enabling them to be part of the global WCBB network.
    • Promotional materials, which WCBB representatives can use, include videos and pictures, including one that focuses on joining The WCBB: Videos & Pictures.


  2. Educate Athletes:
    • Inform athletes about the benefits of joining WCBB, including access to resources, support, and opportunities for growth within the sport.
    • Stress the inclusivity of the NPC and IFBB Professional League, emphasizing that they are open to expanding worldwide, provided there is a sufficient number of athletes.


  3. Leverage Social Media:
    • Utilize social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Share regular posts and updates about WCBB, including success stories, events, and athlete spotlights.
    • Encourage athletes to follow WCBB’s social media accounts for the latest news and inspiration.


  4. Engage with Existing Members:
    • Stay in regular contact with existing WCBB members to maintain a sense of community and support.
    • Encourage members to invite and mentor new athletes to ensure a welcoming and supportive environment.


  5. Utilize Personal Networks:
    • Tap into your personal network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who may have an interest in wheelchair and adaptive bodybuilding.
    • Share your own experiences and passion for the sport to inspire others to get involved.


  6. Provide Clear Instructions:


  7. Stay Informed:
    • Stay updated on WCBB news, policies, and initiatives to accurately represent the organization.
    • Participate in WCBB training and development programs to enhance your outreach skills.


  8. Maintain Professionalism:
    • Represent WCBB with professionalism, respect, and inclusivity at all times.
    • Address any inquiries or concerns from athletes promptly and courteously.

By following these guidelines, you will play a crucial role in expanding the WCBB community and promoting the inclusion of wheelchair and adaptive athletes in the world of bodybuilding. Your dedication and efforts will contribute to the growth and success of WCBB on a global scale.

Benefits of Becoming a WCBB Representative

Are you passionate about promoting inclusivity and empowering athletes with disabilities? Are you ready to make a significant impact in the world of bodybuilding? Becoming a WCBB (Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.) representative is your opportunity to be a driving force behind a more inclusive and diverse bodybuilding community. Here are some compelling benefits of joining us in this vital role:

  1. Be a Changemaker:
    • As a WCBB representative, you have the power to be a changemaker in the world of bodybuilding. You’ll be at the forefront of a movement that is breaking down barriers and making the sport more accessible to athletes with disabilities. By promoting inclusion, you’ll be contributing to a more diverse and equitable bodybuilding community.


  2. Access to Valuable Resources::
    • WCBB provides you with a wealth of resources, including promotional materials, videos, and pictures, to assist you in your mission. These resources are designed to make your advocacy efforts more effective and impactful.


  3. Global Impact::
    • By encouraging athletes to join WCBB through, you’ll help them become part of our global WCBB network. This means you’re not just making a difference locally; you’re contributing to a worldwide movement that is transforming the lives of athletes with disabilities.


  4. Support and Growth Opportunities:
    • As a WCBB representative, you’ll be instrumental in educating athletes about the benefits of joining WCBB. This includes access to valuable support networks, resources, and opportunities for growth within the sport. You’ll be a guiding light for athletes seeking to fulfill their bodybuilding aspirations.


  5. Utilize the Power of Social Media:
    • In today’s digital age, social media is a potent tool for advocacy. You’ll have the opportunity to leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience and spread the message of WCBB. Sharing success stories, event updates, and athlete spotlights will inspire and engage your audience.


  6. Personal Fulfillment:
    • There’s immense personal fulfillment in knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the lives of athletes with disabilities. Your efforts will help them pursue their passion for bodybuilding, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.


  7. Networking and Mentorship:
    • Engaging with existing WCBB members and encouraging them to mentor new athletes creates a strong sense of community. You’ll build valuable connections within the WCBB network, fostering a supportive environment where athletes can learn, grow, and thrive.


  8. Amplify Your Passion::
    • If you’re passionate about wheelchair and adaptive bodybuilding, being a WCBB representative allows you to share your enthusiasm with others who may share your passion. Your personal dedication and experiences will inspire others to get involved.


  9. Continuous Learning::
    • WCBB offers training and development programs to enhance your outreach skills. By participating in these programs, you’ll not only become a more effective advocate but also gain valuable skills that can benefit you in other aspects of life.


  10. Professionalism and Respect::
    • Representing WCBB means upholding the values of professionalism, respect, and inclusivity. These qualities not only benefit the organization but also reflect positively on you as a representative.

In conclusion, becoming a WCBB representative is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself—a movement that is reshaping the world of bodybuilding for the better. Your role will be instrumental in promoting inclusivity, providing support, and making a lasting impact on the lives of athletes with disabilities. Join us in this rewarding journey and help us build a more inclusive and diverse bodybuilding community. Together, we can make a difference.