Reggie Bennett

Reggie Bennett - IFBB Pro Wheelchair


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Reginald “Reggie” Bennett is one of Southern Nevada’s most sought after individuals to motivate audiences of all ages that there are NO LIMITS to being the best that you can be mentally and physically. He conducts lectures, motivational speaking engagements, mentoring and weight training programs to fit all the needs of hundreds of individuals with and without disabilities each year. Reggie is devoted to promoting nonviolent and enhancing the quality of life for all people, with a focus on at-risk youth.

As a former television host and producer of Navigating Independence, aired on channel 63, Reggie entertained and educated over 24,000 viewers about the importance of fitness, wellness and other disability related issues. Due to the shows highest visibility and innovative subject matters, Reggie received on of the stations highest ratings from the internationally acclaimed broadcasting organizations, the Nielson Foundation.

Advocating and assisting individuals in the community to obtain funding for assistive technology is a large part of Reggie’s work. He is certified by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Compliance Team of America, which provides standards and guidelines for accessibility. He serves as a board member on the Developmental Disabilities Council for the State of Nevada.

As an athlete, model and icon for amateur wheelchair bodybuilding, Reggie has had tremendous success competing in the exciting and challenging sport of competitive bodybuilding. Reggie holds four titles and a national title under the Amateur Bodybuilding Association (ABA); ’99 International Forever Natural, ’99 America’s Natural, ’99 National Natural Champion, ’99 and ’00 United States Natural Bodybuilding and the 2001 Wheelchair National Champion.

Reggie has mastered the art of bodybuilding and will compete now as a Potential Pro cardholder. Reggie has been featured in FLEX Magazine and front page of the News and a variety of posters for the ABA and periodicals for the Las Vegas View and Disability newspaper. In addition, he has been a guest poser for the Nevada Fitness Championship and interviewed by several sports journalists about fitness and bodybuilding.

Reggie has developed a fitness program called Rebuilding Athletic Goals w/ Energy (Team R.A.G.E.), which is a fitness program that educates and assists individuals with disabilities. The program focuses on assisting them with the proper mechanics and technics to succeed in a fitness program.


  • What happened? Why are you in the Wheelchair?

    In 1983, Gun Shot at the Age of 13

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