Ken Ray

Ken Ray


Ken started lifting in high school as a power lifter. After high school and years of reading Muscle Mags he decided that Bodybuilding was his true passion. After two years of training he entered his first show, the 2007 Debbie Kruck Classic where he took forth place. He proceeded to set his sights on nationals where he took sixth in the heavyweight class. He hopes to continue competing “Forever”.

“My goals in Bodybuilding are vast, but I think my two main goals would have to be: Help the sport grow and become a respected devision in bodybuilding and win a national title”.

“I think the Sport has the potential to grow into a grate devision. Even in the IFBB”.

It is clear that Ken has all that it takes to become a force in the sport.


Contest history

• Amateur Contest History

2009 NPC Wheelchair Nationals : 2nd Place