Jesse McKinney

Jesse McKinney - Amateur


My name is Jesse McKinney and I’m the 2005 NPC Wheelchair National Bodybuilding Lightweight Champion. The National Physique Committee is the amateur division that ALL bodybuilders compete in to qualify for the pro level. The NPC has nothing to do with disability per se, but has created the wheelchair division to enable the best wheelchair bodybuilders in the world to compete with each other. So I’m especially proud and honored to participate in this great sport with such amazing competitors.

Bodybuilding has changed my life and continues to open many doors for me. I have severe Cerebral Palsy and never thought that my pictures would appear in magazines like Flex and Muscle & Fitness. However, all that I’ve accomplished just proves that with years of hard work and determination, we all can make our dreams come true. It has taken me over 15 years of sweat and pain in the gym to get where I am now. There are few free rides in life and those that are free usually have terrible consequences. I’ve chosen a hard road, but it has paid off.

I’d like to share this message with schools, clubs, organizations, and whoever will listen by coming to your facility to speak and pose. My presentations consist of a motivational talk, which I give via a communication device because of my speech impairment, a short posing demonstration done to music, (usually hard rock) and then a question and answer session to close. The show itself is free. I only charge for autographed photos and also for travel expenses if you are located outside of central Pennsylvania.


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