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Jason Metcalf - IFBB Pro Wheelchair


Jason Metcalf, known to many as an epitome of determination and strength, currently resides in Chandler, Arizona, USA. Born on April 9, 1973, in St. Louis, Missouri, he has carved a unique path in the world of bodybuilding, marked by resilience, fortitude, and an unwavering spirit.

Jason’s life underwent a profound transformation on June 25, 2019, when he embarked on a morning jog at Mayo in Scottsdale, AZ. The events of that day would etch a turning point in his narrative. A spinal cord tumor, an ependymoma, positioned at the T5-T6 level, manifested as a paraplegic condition. This unforeseen circumstance was met with incredible resolve, reshaping Jason’s trajectory and prompting an extraordinary journey.

Faced with adversity, Jason’s response was nothing short of awe-inspiring. A mere two days after the surgery that left him battling this condition, he was discharged from Mayo and began a grueling 45-day rehabilitation at Encompass. This period was not only about relearning daily activities without the use of his core and legs but also about finding a renewed purpose and direction.

Four days into his rehabilitation, Jason made a pivotal decision—a decision that would ultimately transform his life. Amidst the challenges and pain, he chose to discard pain medications and self-pity. In that very rehabilitation gym, he took his first steps towards a path of strength and empowerment. The gym became his sanctuary, a realm where he harnessed his determination and discovered the immense power of his own body’s endorphins and dopamine. These natural healers gradually replaced the pain, and with them, Jason embraced a new form of therapy—one that transcended the physical.

So 48 months and 2 days later, here I am getting ready to compete on one of the largest stages in the world, Mr. Olympia.

Fast forward to today, and Jason’s journey stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. His relentless pursuit of self-improvement has led him to the pinnacle of bodybuilding. At 6’6″ (198.12 cm) tall, he embodies a presence that transcends his physical dimensions. His contest weight of 220 lbs (99.79 kg) reflects not just physical prowess, but also the mental fortitude that has carried him through the most challenging times.

Jason’s journey is not solely defined by his accomplishments in the gym, but also by his remarkable shift in perspective. The man who once reveled in speed and sports cars, today finds his purpose in the iron-clad confines of a gym. His story is a testament to the power of choice—the choice to overcome, to push forward, and to seize control of one’s narrative.


  • What happened? Why are you in the Wheelchair / Why do you have a Disability?

    On that fateful day, June 25, 2019, I was out for a jog at Mayo in Scottsdale, AZ, when destiny intervened. A spinal cord tumor, classified as an ependymoma, positioned at the T5-T6 level, forever altered the course of my life. Within the span of hours, I transitioned into a paraplegic state, confronting a formidable battle that would come to define my journey.

  • Why did you get started?

    As I looked in the mirror, I realized that I was headed towards an unwelcome path. Weight gain became a concern, but my motivations extended beyond vanity. Given my circumstances, I recognized the imperative of cultivating physical strength to navigate life's challenges, including the necessity to lift myself up when I fell. The decision was also fueled by a desire to stand tall—both metaphorically and literally.

  • What made you want to compete?

    The allure of competition captivated me—a challenge that resonated with my background in college football and professional wrestling. Armed with existing knowledge of nutrition and muscular development, I found the world of bodybuilding beckoning. It represented not just a physical endeavor, but a mental and emotional one—a path to redefine my identity and redefine the limitations I had previously accepted.

  • How did you go about doing it?

    The journey began with a commitment to cleaner eating and regular gym visits. Each workout, each meal, became a stepping stone towards my goals.

  • What motivates you?

    For me, motivation stems from discipline—a steadfast adherence to my goals and unwavering dedication. The prospect of standing on the stage, showcasing my journey, and embracing the challenges that come with it, serves as a driving force.

  • What suggestions or tips do you have for others?

    My advice is simple—embrace action and commit to your objectives. The choice to compete is binary—yes or no. To succeed, one must embrace the hard work, channel determination, and consistently pursue excellence. It's a decision defined by ones and zeros—much like the essence of life itself.

Contest history

• Amateur Contest History

2023 Arnold Amateur : 1st Place

• IFBB PRO Contest History

2023 IFBB Dallas Pro : 3rd Place

2023 Toronto Pro SuperShow : 3rd Place