Eugenio Molino

Eugenio Molino - IFBB Pro Wheelchair

  • Name : Eugenio Molino
  • Nickname : Euge
  • Current Residence : Novara, Piemonte - Italy
  • Birthday : March 10, 1983
  • Birthplace : Cosenza, Italy
  • Disability : Paraplegic
  • Injury Date : August 3, 2013
  • Type of Injury : Spinal Cord Injury
  • Injury Level : T10 - L1 Complete
  • Height : 5' 7.3" | 171 cm
  • Contest Weight : 163.1 lbs | 74 kg
  • Off-Season Weight : 176.4 lbs | 80 kg
  • Year Started Training : 2019
  • Favorite Exercise : Pulley
  • Favorite Bodypart to Train : Back
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Until I was 30 I led a life as a manual worker, I always liked heavy work physically. I have always loved engines, sports cars, speed and especially motorcycles.


  • What happened? Why are you in the Wheelchair / Why do you have a Disability?

    I had a serious motorcycle accident on the road losing control of the vehicle I slipped and hit my back violently against a wall. With the strong impact my vertebrae literally exploded despite me having professional protections to run. If I hadn't had them, according to the doctors, I probably would have died in the impact.

  • Why did you get started?

    I started training because after years in a wheelchair I gained a lot of weight and I wanted to get back in shape. But then I'm more and more passionate about sport.

  • What made you want to compete?

    Training I discovered that I had many benefits not only from a physical point of view, but above all from a mental point of view, a new purpose for me, a new goal, to be able to be competitive and change my life even if now this life was now linked to a wheelchair.

  • How did you go about doing it?

    With perseverance, constant training, tenacity not to give up and a proper diet.

  • What motivates you?

    The desire to improve, to achieve new goals and to be able to show those who look at us that we must not set limits in life

  • What suggestions or tips do you have for others?

    Never stop fighting in your life, never stop dreaming and never set limits, because to change your life for the better we must be the first to want it.

Contest history

• Amateur Contest History

2023 Sheru Classic UK : 1st Place

2023 Toronto Pro Qualifier : 2nd Place

2022 Toronto Pro Qualifier : 2nd Place

2021 Toronto Pro Qualifier : 3rd Place